Harmen ter Welle (partner)

Breakthrough management
in health and life sciences

Ter Welle & Associés (TW&A) is a group of independent consultants, program managers and interim managers who focus on health care: health care providers, pharmaceutics and life sciences companies and health care insurers. We all have years of experience working for well-established consulting firms and health care organizations. Each of us at some point made the conscious decision to work independently and apply their entrepreneurship to improving the quality, efficiency and decisiveness of health care organizations. We know these organizations from having worked there ourselves, and we have the capability of connecting the many parties involved in this complex field. Our passion is effecting a breakthrough: solving intractable problems and making the most of new opportunities. This we do not so much for but with our clients: executive managers, business unit managers, management and supervisory boards. TW&A’s driving force is Harmen ter Welle, who has 15 years of experience in strategic consultancy, management and interim management in health care organizations. He began his career at KPMG and BoerCroon.


People who think as well as act, and who are capable of making things happen

Ter Welle & Associés offers you senior professionals, with these distinguishing characteristics:

  • independence, entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to realizing a breakthrough;
  • a combination of expertise (on finance, marketing, policy, health care) and senior management experience;
  • straightforward, but with a good sense of interrelations;
  • thorough knowledge of and experience in health care;
  • experience in connecting the diverse parties involved: authorities, insurers, health care providers;
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