Care concepts: the realisation of innovative hospital care and cost concepts, largely based on medical therapies.

Market access: initiating breakthroughs in complex market access situations and costing new (expensive) medicines via field meetings between insurers, professional associations, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

Commercial strategy: innovative pricing strategies, hospital account management and mid and late-life cycle management for pharmaceutical and medical technology companies.

Health insurance: the (re) positioning of health insurance brands and commercial campaigns.

Healthcare purchasing: developing and implementing purchasing strategies for health insurers, including support during negotiations.

Healthcare dashboards: statistics, process indicators and outcome data to enable the most effective use of care and medicine.

Organisation and governance: restructuring, in/outsourcing, mergers and acquisitions, divestments and governance for healthcare institutions.

Specialisms: TW&A has wide experience in a variety of specialisms including rheumatology, gastroenterology, haematology, neurology, ophthalmology and dermatology.

Interim management

Interim management assignments are characterized by the temporary fulfilment of a line management or expert task in the client’s organization. This may be because someone is absent and needs to be replaced, or because there is a temporary position to be filled. Examples: Achmea, PNO Ziektekosten, MSD, Pfizer, IZZ Zorgverzekeringen, Multizorg VRZ

Senior transaction manager

PNO Ziektekostenverzekering

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Breakthrough management

TW&A is specialized in programme management, in which consulting and realization go hand in hand. Analysis is followed by the proposal of a solution and an implementation plan on which the client decides. We then support the implementation. A pilot test is often part of the programme. TW&A’s professionals are often part of the project organization, but they may also take up interim line management positions. Examples: Pfizer, Novartis, Farminform.

Senior counselor

Pfizer & Novartis

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TW&A has much experience in tactical and strategic consulting, for we have all worked for well-established consulting firms such as KPMG and Boer & Croon. Our assignments focus on providing advice on complex issues in organization and governance, sales and marketing, outsourcing, financial performance, health care procurement etc.

IBO report ‘Concentratie en samenwerking in de gezondheidszorg’

Ministeries of General Affairs, Finance, Health Care and Scienc; College voor Zorgverzekeringen, RVZ, ZONMw

Developing the Medicijnwijzer.nl website

patientenorganisatie in de GGZ

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