Breakthrough: a combination
of thinking and acting

TW&A tears down the classic divide between consulting and interim management by combining the two. This means that, while TW&A enjoys both consulting and interim management work, it prefers a combination.

We find the collaboration with our client of essential importance.

  • We don’t work for but with our client, in combined teams in which the client collaborates
  • We provide the dedicated effort of one or a few serious professionals rather than an army of consultants
  • Our managing partners are intensively involved and usually work along in the team
  • We don’t stay in our office but come ‘on board’ and work on the spot at our client’s offices
  • We work with empathy for your organization but for its stakeholders too

The TW&A approach is characterized by a combination of thinking and acting, focused on achieving results in collaboration with our client:

  • analysis, consulting but above all: realization
  • digging down to the heart of the matter, and then building a solution and a strategy on solid foundations
  • a thorough numerical basis, pilot testing in real-life situations, and a sophisticated implementation programme
  • attention for hearts and minds – the hard matters as well as the soft
  • a fresh, critical perspective, outside-in
  • crystal-clear visualization instead of brick-sized reports
  • process management to get everyone involved in achieving timely results
  • shared responsibility for the realization of the objectives set, as programme manager or interim line manager
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